The Triumph

Ship points:

Planetbound for Millenia: -3, -1 Hull,

Orion-class Star Clipper
Speed: 11 Maneuvrability: +28
Detection: +21 Hull Integrity: 34
Armour: 12 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 40 (used 40) SP: 25
Power: 40 (used 40) Crew Rating: 50
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal, Keel
Morale: 92 Crew Population: 102

Complication: Stoic: -1PF per Endeavor, on 7+ components are not dmged.
Past History: Haunted: -10 Morale, +6 Detection -5 to board/Hit n’ Run against this ship.

Essential Components:
Lathe Pattern Class 2a “Sprint Trader” Drive (Power:40, Space:14, SP:+2): +1 speed, +3 mano.
Markov 1 Warp Engine (Power:12, Space:12, SP: +1): Reduce warptravel by 1d5 weeks.
Warpsbane Hull (Power:1, Space:0, SP: +2): +10 Navigation(warp) and 2 rolls on encounters.
Repulsor Shield (Power:6, Space:1, SP:0): No negative effects for traveling through hard terrain.
Commerce Bridge (power:1 Space:1) +50 to trade objectives
M-1 r life Sustainer: (Power:3, Space:1, SP:1)increase moral loss by 1
Clan-kin Quarters (Power:1, Space:3, SP:-3): +5 command to defend against boarding/Hn’R.
M-205 b Auger Array (Power:5, Space:0, SP:0) +5 detection

Supplemental Components:
Cargo Hold: 125 Achivement points when trading.
Empyrean Mantle (Power:3, Space:0, SP:-2): -20 to detect this ship while its on silent running.
Best Arboretum (Power:2, Space:2, SP:-4): Double time in space, +2 Morale
Teleportarium (Power:1, Space:1, SP:1)
Keel Staravar laser macrobattery (Power:4, Space:4, SP:-2)
Dorsel Best Mars pattern Strike Macro Cannons (Power:2, Space:1, SP:1)

Weapon Stats:
Mars pattern Strike Macro Cannons: Str:3, 1d10+2, Crit:5, Range:6
Staravar laser marcobattery: Str:4, 1d10+2, Crit:4, Range 12

The Triumph

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