List of the Relevant nobles and organisations

  • Ishokone Corporation *Area: Tech
    A Powerfull Corporation that teams well with mechanicus.
    Are renown for making powerfull armours and heavy weaponry
  • house of Atellus *Area: Millitary
    In Feud With the Geytu familly.
    A Familly of millitary heroes and commanders
  • The Corbin Familly *Area: politics
    An very powerfull house thats somewhat unchallenged.
    Also very mysterius, and sometimes hard to locate
  • house of Geytu *Area: Mining
    The house of Geytu is in Feud with the Atellus familly, Renown miners and providers of great
    amounts of minerals to the Calixis Sector

The Cornelius Archivist

The Cornelius Archivist is an orginisation working close with the administratum, their main course is to hold track of relevant Poeple and organisatations so the administratum can hold track of their work and where they are.
If you need information on anyone, the Cornelius Archivist is the right persons to turn up to

The Kel-mordrim Syndicate

A small Trade company, but their wealth and Effectivity is outstanding. Their speciality is to haul goods and stashing the largest and tiniest equibment safely. they are renown to be able to protect whatever goods you need to stash or transport. are also known to be unbribeble

List of the Relevant nobles and organisations

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