Victor Joy

Seneschal on The Triumph


30 34 36 22 36 44 37 40 59

Fate Points: 3
Wounds: 9

(Fel) Barter
(Fel) Commerce
(Int) Common Lore (Underworld
(Fel) Decieve
(Int) Evaluate
(Int) Forbidden Lore (Archaotech,
(Fel) Inquiry
(Int) Literacy
(Int) Speak Language (Low Gothic, Traders Cant, High Gothic)
(Fel) Charm
(Per) Awareness

Peer (Nobility, Ecclesiarchy, Administratum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Military, Merchants, )
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Training (Universal)

Inferno Pistol: 10m, 2d10+8E pen13, 3clip, full

Boltgun: 90m, S/2/4, 1d10+5X pen4, 24clip, full, Tearing

Xeno-mesh: 3 AP: Arms, Body, Legs

Conversion Shield (prot:50) hvis den absorber mere end 12dmg laver den en Photon Granade
Autoquill, Dataslate, Micro-bead, Multi-key, Synskin, Chrono, Cameleoline cloak.

Noble Born: -5 willpower +5 fellowship
Etiquette: +10 Interaction on formal situations or with high authority
Legacy: +1 Profit Factor
Supremely Connected: Peer Nobility og Peer Administratum

Savant: Logic: +3 Fel, -3 Toughness
Zealot: +5 Fel, Peer (Ecclesiarchy,) -5 T
Darkness: -200xp Dark Secret: +6 Fel, + Dark Secret.
Pride: Heirloom – Ancestral Seal
Of Extensive Means: -300xp Far-reaching Contacts: Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus, Merchants, Military)

Seeker of Lore:
Spends FP to succeed Ciphers, Lore, Logic (rolled 01).
+1 DoS to Evaluate, Inquiry, Commerce

XP Spent:

1x Adept – Philius Arun
1x Affiliation Commander – Chris Islander
1x Body Guard – Arman Kensington
1x Calculatorium Servitor – Calculus


Born into the right part of the noble Joy bloodline of Rogue Traders. The Clan father was granted a Warrant of Trade for his participation the wars that formed the Calixis Sektor. As such was spoiled and have lived in luxary all his life

Around the age of 20 Victors father decided that some education could come in handy and send Victor to work with and learn from the Adepts on Scintilla. The stay didn’t do much for Victors physical health but gave him a keen mind for logic and an ability to smooth talk his way through his stay.

In his very scarce sparetime Victor was sent to mingle with the other nobles and high ranking officials of important Imperial organisations. He listened much to the words of the Ecclesiachy and came to believe in the meaning of the Emporer more so than in his actual divinity. He even went to a Ecclesiarch school of faith for a short time when he finished his education in marketing.

Knowing from childbirth that social status is everything, and that to climb the status ladder you need to be important. Because of this Victor spend a lot of time mingling with imperial powerbases and focusing on trading skills aswell as his charisma. Victor has over the years earned himself some knowledge in the workings of imperial institutions and nows how to smooth talk many of these organisations.

Victor got some help though. As a member of the Joy family Victor had the privileges of gaining access to his family name and thereby invitations to almost any party or social gathering in the Calixis sektor enabling him to spread his net of contacts and friends.
In fact most of his success he owes to his family name and power.

Victor is a charming, charismatic, strong-minded and clever man. He usually doesn’t resort to violance prefering to talk his way out of things or simply fleeing the scene.

He has strong ties to the imperium and almost views it as perfect. This doesn’t mean he hates the alien for no reason, but his views on deamons and heretics are quite normal for an Imperial.

He enjoys company as he is used to it and has taken a keen interest in being a leader. He makes his own decision after taking in help from his advisors and allies. He listens, calculates, theorise and discuss his options before taking up a job but does so with pleasure as long as a coin can be earned.
Victor wouldn’t hesitate to make use of alien warriors or trading goods as long as his crew isnt bothered.

He has a quite close relationship with his normal crew, taking good care of those who work for him partially because of his Dark Secret, and because he believes a happy, wellfed crew will work harder and better for their master.

Victor Joy

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