Sathian Vile

Bitter, cold and unethical are but a few words to describe the brutaly efficient rogue trader.


Rogue Trader
WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
43 38 31 35 41 42 41 38 40
Fate point: 2
Wounds: 11
Insanity: 7

talented(tech use)
Air of Authority
Pistol training(universal)
Melee training(universal)
Exceptional leader

Tech use (untrained)
Speak (hive dialect, low gothic, high gothic)
sleight of hand
forbidden lore (mechanicus)
scholastic lore (astromancy)
Common lore (imperium)

Good quality MIU Unit
power sword
plasma pistol
Micro bead
Void suit
Set of fine clothing
Mechanicus pendant

Homeworld: Hiveworld
Birthright: Scapegrace
Lure of the void: Criminal (judged and found wanting)
Trials and travails: Dark voyage
motivation: Prestige


If any man embodies the concept of fighting your way from the bottom to top then it would be Sathian, Like many others he started out like little more than a street-urchin in the massive mega structures of the hive world. Petty theft and running messages and various ‘oddly shaped’ packages was all that sustained him at a young age.

In his teenage years he was unfortunately caught, not uncommon for the unlucky wretches of the underhive when venturing into the middle levels, however he had the massive misfortune to be caught tinkering with a compound owned by the mechanicus. a mistake he came to regret for the next twenty years of his life when he served as an ‘indentured servant’ to repay the damage he’d done, while it’d been minor they saw fit to implant him with cybernetic implants to enhance his ability to perform his duties, of cause they billed him for these enhancements.

From an early age and up the ladder that he slowly climbed after gaining his freedom Sathian learned that money is everything, having money provides so many privileges not to mention power..
There is little in the emperium that cannot be bought with enough thrones, and being the person to provide these exotic rarities is just about the best way of gaining more wealth yourself according to him. Of cause ethics to how or where he got these rarities is irrelevant and like in the hives all that mattered was not getting caught. Smuggling and various dealings with pirates along with some rather tense dealings with his previous masters the adeptus mechanicus has secured him a nice bit in life.

Prolonged exposure to the mechanicus along with being on the bottom of the pile in the ruthless hive cities has left little space for such trivial things as ‘compassion’, what was left in its stead was cold, brutal efficiency.. nothing mattered as long as the goal was reached and your weren’t caught. It didn’t matter if the governor of a planet had to die in the pursuit of profit.. At least as long as the law never figured out it was you who did it. He understands what it means to on the bottom and in a perhaps uncharacteristic move he always values keeping those working for him fed and sheltered, while he is considered unfriendly he understands the value of high moral.

Sathian also possesses a keen sense for rationalizing anything to explain away ethics for those tiresome people who requires such things to function.
‘’well, someone has to salvage those ships, and we’re selling it back to the emperium anyway.. letting the survivors talk would only ruin our profit and halt the reintegration of the components we found, as the bureaucracy’s would argue over who gets what bits’’ -Sathian vile

Sathian Vile

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